About Swaaza Basmati Rice

We established in 1972 with a vision to consolidate the fragmented basmati rice industry. In a short span of time it has risen to be one of the leading millers and exporters in the industry under the guided management of Mr. KR BAJAJ, Mr. ANKIT BAJAJ and Mr. Ayush BAJAJ.

We have been trustworthy and assiduous rice producers, producing and exporting tons of rice across the country. Being raised by a family rooted in rich rice production, we have now inaugurated a new company to carry forward the legacy- 'LA Foods'.

India is the world's largest rice producer, with Punjab being one of the best states for rice production. Hence, we ensure a quality that matches our consumers' standards with our brand- 'Swaaza', which offers premium quality rice. LA Foods encapsulates the entire food chain, right from agriculture to production. With the dynamic and upcoming technologies,

LA Foods employs modern farming techniques and the latest production methods to deliver the best possible results for your happy, healthy lifestyle. Currently hosting over 300 employees, including farmers, our vision is to keep expanding, and we aim to provide you with spices and flour in the near future.

LA Foods is presently owned by our visionary, Ayush Bajaj & Ankit Bajaj.

LA FOODS has acclaimed a reputation of a highly professional and trusted company in the rice industry, which is known for providing the best quality at competitive prices.

We are placed in the best basmati paddy region in the district of PUNJAB. Punjab, being the rice bowl of India, the soil is extremely fertile which aids to the best produce. We provide the best quality of Basmati rice to our customers. Today our brand is well known in the market across India

Our Journey

  1. We established in 1972 with a vision to consolidate the fragmented basmati rice industry

  2. It was 1985 when the demand for basmati rice started growing- not just in India but in other countries as well. We then decided to strengthen the production and meet the growing market demand.

  3. In 2000, we took over one more manufacturing unit and established a state-of-the-art plant.

  4. A moment of pride for the company as we took over one more rice sheller and expanded even more.

  5. With a well-established presence, we further deployed hi-tech technologies to enhance production. Now in 2022, we are all set to take the legacy of Basmati rice in India forward by launching an e-commerce brand ‘Swaaza’, to further increase our penetration and to reach a new market.

Our Mission

The company is on the mission:

  • Our mission is to fuse taste, health and happiness, making SWAZZA the most reliable Indian brand in agro products worldwide

  • Our mission is to make the world experience the true Indian flavours in its authentic form that brings joy and happiness to the palates of global consumers.

  • To invest in research & development activities so as to emerge as the industry benchmark for product quality and customer service.

  • Our beliefs are our greatest strengths and have contributed immensely in helping us emerge as one of the world's best basmati rice millers and exporters.

Our Vision

The company has a vivid vision:

  • Our vision is to make Swazza the most trusted and preferred food brand from India in the global markets.

  • To be the most preferred premium quality rice producer both in the Indian and International Market.

  • Preeminence to provide the product with the best quality and serve the people with a tasty yet healthy lifestyle going hand in hand is our vision.

  • Our aim is to create strong and long term relationships by delivering the authentic flavour that meets the customer expectations using rich and technologically advanced processes.



We work hard to provide-

Our customers - the finest quality of rice and a healthy lifestyle.
Our farmers - the real and fair prices.
Our employees - the safe environment and appreciation for team work.
Our community - transparency and safety with pollution control equipment.
Ourself - a satisfaction of ‘All good that we do is just for you

We Are Certified

LA FOODS has all the necessary certifications. We are recognized as a FCCI certified company.