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Biryani Rice

Biryani Rice

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SWAAZA brings to you Biryani premium basmati rice. This Biryani rice is a perfect lunch or dinner meal to serve for parties, special occasions or even just for a weekend meal with family. SWAAZA Biryani basmati rice is the finest among all the varieties of rice that we offer. It is top most in taste, pearl-white & long-grained in appearance and natural protein enriched rice. Being real traditional basmati rice. It has become the first choice of basmati lovers due to its unbelievable fragrance and rich taste. it adds to the presentation of your meal. Without this Basmati Rice, your biryanis will seem dull and tasteless

  • High Nutritive value
  • Retain Freshness
  • Enriched with aroma
  • Affordable Price
  • Naturally grown No pesticides or chemicals.
  • Best suitable for everyday cooking.


Β Basmati Rice

Health Benefits of rice

  • Good source of energy to the body
  • Easily digestible
  • Healthy source of fibre

Other info

  • Certified and trusted
  • Hygienically packed
  • Quality assured
  • Looks better and taste even better
  • Organically grown. No pesticides or chemicals.
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